Incorporated Terms

Southwest Airlines Notice of Incorporated Terms

Air transportation operated by Southwest Airlines Co. (“Southwest”) is subject to Southwest’s Passenger Contract of Carriage (“Contract of Carriage”), the terms of which are incorporated by reference. Incorporated terms include, but are not limited to:

  1. Limits of liability for personal injury or death of Passengers.
  2. Limits on liability for loss, damage to, or delayed delivery of passenger baggage, including fragile, perishable, and certain other irreplaceable and/or high value goods or contents, as specified in the Contract of Carriage. Baggage liability for covered items (except wheelchairs or other assistive devices as provided in 14 CFR §382.131) is limited to $3,800 per fare paying Passenger unless excess valuation coverage is purchased.
  3. Claims restrictions, including time periods in which a Passenger must file a claim or bring an action against Southwest for its acts or omissions or those of its agents.
  4. Rights of the air carrier to change terms of the Contract of Carriage.
  5. Rules on reservations, check-in times, refusal to carry, and smoking.
  6. Rights of Southwest and limitations concerning delay or failure to perform service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternate air carrier or aircraft, and rerouting.
  7. Overbooking: If a Passenger is denied boarding due to an oversale, has obtained his/her boarding pass and is present and available for boarding in the departure gate area at least ten minutes before scheduled departure, with few exceptions, such Passenger is entitled to compensation.

Passengers may inspect the full text of each incorporated term at Southwest’s airport ticket counters, and Passengers have the right, upon request at any location where Southwest’s tickets are sold within the United States, to receive free of charge by mail or other delivery service the full text of each such incorporated term. Passengers may also request and obtain a copy of the Contract of Carriage or send comments/concerns to Southwest Airlines Customer Relations Department, PO Box 36647, Dallas, TX 75235-1647 or online.

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